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Do you know the many benefits of led high power wall washers

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Led high-power wall washer , as the name suggests, let the light wash the wall like water, mainly used for architectural decoration lighting, as well as to outline the large buildings. Since LED has the characteristics of energy saving, high luminous efficiency, rich color and long life, in 2013, the wall washers of other light sources were gradually replaced by led wall washers.
Led high power wall washer features:
1. Support 16.7 million (24-bit) colors based on standard DMX512 protocol control
2, high brightness, high energy efficiency, durable
3, asymmetric light distribution design, especially suitable for wall lighting
4, high-quality LED transparent beam control to ensure uniform brightness
5, the small lamp body design can provide suitable lighting for the small space of the building
6, high-end materials and high degree of protection (IP66) can withstand any harsh outdoor environment
7, flexible mounting bracket, convenient lighting adjustment angle maintenance-free and energy efficient
8, the mixing distance is shortened, so that the lamp body can support close installation
9, 50,000 hours long life (light output is attenuated to 70%)
Advantages of led high power wall washer:
1, the power size. The power of the wall washer determines the distance it is projected. Its power is not fixed and can be flexibly changed according to requirements! Generally led high-power wall washers refer to single-row, multi-row called linear high-power led floodlights !
2. Voltage. The voltage of the LED wall washer can be divided into DC DC and AC AC. Generally, the built-in power supply is externally connected to AC220V (Japan AC110V), etc., and externally, it is generally low voltage DC24V, DC12V, DC27V and so on. The voltage varies according to different requirements and different manufacturers.
3. IP protection level. This is an important parameter of the wall washer and an important indicator that affects the quality of the current guardrail tube. The waterproof grade is better than IP65. It also requires relevant pressure resistance, chipping resistance, high and low temperature resistance, flame resistance and impact resistance. Aging grade.
4, color specifications. Divided into colorful, full color, monochrome.
5, color temperature. The color temperature is varied and can be widely selected.
6, the angle of illumination. Led high-power wall washers generally have three kinds of illumination angles: narrow, medium and wide. At present, the effective projection distance of the LED high-power wall washer (narrow angle) is 5-10 meters.
7, working temperature. Because the wall washers are usually used outdoors, this parameter is more important and the temperature requirements are higher. In general, the outdoor temperature we require can work at -40 ° C + 60 ° C.
8, control method. For LED wall washers, there are currently two control methods: internal control and external control. Internal control does not require an external controller, and the degree of effect cannot be changed. The external control is the external controller, and its effect can be changed by adjusting the buttons of the main control.
9, mirror. The glass reflective lens has a light transmittance of 98%, is not easily atomized, and is resistant to UV radiation.
10. Light source. Generally use 1W.
Led wall washer manufacturers have now been widely used in various places, such as the lighting of the company's corporate buildings, the lighting of government buildings, the lighting of historical buildings, and entertainment venues. The scope of its involvement is also becoming wider and wider. In the next few years, led high-power wall washers will become an indispensable part of the lighting project.